Our Mission

Our Mission is to identify and fuel student’s individual passions by tying their interests to sports and academic support. By creating lasting relationships with our students and incorporating the core fundamentals of basketball and other sports, we equip our students with the confidence and skills to become productive members of their community. We provide effective and thoughtful supports to fight against the high school drop-out and obesity crises and to ready our students for a successful life.

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Our Approach

At School of Skills we believe that in basketball, as in life, learning The Fundamentals prepares your son or daughter to excel on and off the Basketball Court.

We have a unique program at School of Skills. An outgrowth of our knowledge and experience, our approach is the key to School of Skill’s success. With our collective coaching and playing experience of 30+ years, we know basketball. We break it down into its basic components and teach—really teach—the techniques, skills, and fundamentals of the game. When your child practices and learns—really learns—these individual elements s/he can master the game.

Our program

  • shooting
  • respect
  • rebounding
  • sportsmanship
  • ball handling
  • I.Q.
  • teamwork

Our requirements

  • Dedication
  • responsibility
  • consistent effort
  • Commitment
  • love of game
  • undivided attention
  • accountability
  • academic achievement

your results

You will see marked improvement in your child’s basketball skills after just a few sessions at School of Skills. And a much improved game, overall, will follow. Whether the goal of your son or daughter is to compete in recreational leagues, on traveling teams, in high school or beyond, our coaches and teachers will prepare your child to excel physically and mentally at every level.

But there’s more. The character-building life skills your daughter or son learns at School of Skills will fuel and propel your child in whatever s/he attempts. And the newfound confidence, improved self-image and pride your child gains from our program will stimulate continued growth and maturity.